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A Bit About Me

Adventure through the looking glass with me!

Hello! I'm Alphanie, pronounced "Al Fuh Knee," an artistic enchantress dedicated to bringing a touch of magic to various events. My journey into the arts began in middle school, where I first discovered my passion for drawing. This fascination deepened in high school and led me to Johnston Community College, where I earned my Associate's degree in Fine Arts. There, I explored a myriad of mediums, from ceramics and sculpture to acrylic painting and design, but always felt a special connection to ceramics and painting.

After graduating in 2011, I embarked on a journey into the world of entertainment, discovering a deep passion for the art of performance Art. Despite this newfound love, the necessity to provide for my family guided me along various career paths. Throughout these transitions, my artistic spirit never waned. My diverse professional experiences range from being a bakery clerk and cake decorator to roles in organizing, merchandising, and jewelry making. Each step on this path has contributed to the rich tapestry of skills and experiences that I bring to my artistry today.

My artistic inspirations include Vincent Van Gogh, M.C. Escher, and John Tenniel, but the most significant influence in my work comes from Lewis Carroll. His works, 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass,' captivated me as a child. Carroll's blend of whimsy and the impossible deeply resonated with me, and I strive to incorporate these elements into my art and daily life.

I'm a proud mama penguin to two wildlings and married to a hubby who's my rock, constantly cheering me on. But, what's my secret sauce? My spiritual side! I'm a Wiccan witch, weaving good vibes into everything I touch, whether it's fleeting or forever-lasting.

Navigating life as a disabled entertainer, I face daily challenges with chronic pain due to a childhood dog attack, chronic kidney stones, and ovarian cysts. My journey through pain and its dismissal by medical professionals has been long and arduous, but it has not dampened my spirit. I extend my empathy and support to anyone on a similar path.

My aspiration as an artist and entertainer is simple yet profound: to spread joy. Seeing happiness on the faces around me is my greatest reward.

For more insights into my journey and work, please visit these links:

I invite you to explore my work, and if you feel inspired, I would be delighted to bring my enchantment to your event. Don't hesitate to reach out for bookings or follow my journey on social media.

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