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What Are Your Safety and Sanitary Procedures?

I prioritize safety and hygiene in all my services. I use only FDA-compliant, cosmetic-grade materials, ensuring they are safe for skin application. My sanitation process includes using a fresh sponge for each face and cleaning brushes with a hypoallergenic soap solution between clients. I also maintain hand sanitizer and wipes for additional safety.


What Is Your Pricing Structure?

Alphanie Artistry offers a unique pricing structure that includes a base price for a single service, with the option to add more services for a bundled discount. Each event is unique, and our pricing reflects that, ensuring a tailored experience for every client.


How Can I Book Your Services?

Booking is easy! Simply text (919)912-2017 or email to express your interest. We'll arrange a consultation to discuss your needs. Keep in mind, we can book up to three months in advance.


What Is Your Policy for Working with Nonverbal Persons?

I use my experience with body language to gauge interest in body art. If a person is not comfortable, we do not service them. I believe in respecting child autonomy and ask parents not to force their children into participation.


Do You Offer Custom Designs?

Absolutely! We can tailor our face paint and tattoo designs to fit your event theme. Please allow a minimum of 21 days prior to the event for custom designs. Additional charges may apply for extra stencils.


What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Cancellations must be notified 48 hours before the event start. If notified later, the full amount is due. Cancellations before this period result in forfeiture of the paid retainer. In case of inclement weather, we do not guarantee a rain date but will try to accommodate. A rain date can be held no more than 2 months from the original date.

Space Requirements for Setup: For outdoor events, we need at least a 10'x10' area to accommodate our pop-up canopy, which is crucial for the safety and comfort of our guests and materials. Indoors, a space of at least 8'x5' is necessary for face painting setup, while a 5'x5' area suffices for temporary tattoo services. Don't worry if space is limited – just inform us, and we'll do our best to adapt and accommodate your needs!


Respect the Artist’s Space: Please do not touch any materials without asking. Curiosity is welcome, but ask first!


Child Participation: Child autonomy is important. If a child chooses not to participate, it should be respected.


Timeliness: Please be clear about arrival, start, end, and leave times. If the arrival time and start time differ by more than 2 hours, an additional charge of $125 per hour will be added.


Following Instructions: For optimal results and safety, please listen to the artist and/or assistants at the event.


Handling Equipment: Do not handle or touch any equipment or supplies without permission.


Allergies and Skin Sensitivities: Inform the artist of any known allergies or sensitivities. Our products are hypoallergenic, and our handcrafted bars use natural ingredients like cocoa butter, mango butter, shea butter, and coconut oil.


Aftercare of Artwork: To remove face paint, gently rub body soap into the paint, then wipe off with a wet towel. For temporary tattoos, apply gel hand sanitizer, let sit for a few minutes, then wipe off.


Respecting Other Guests: Be respectful of those in line and those viewing merchandise. Everyone deserves equal respect.


Photographs and Privacy: Photos of the artist are welcome, but please do not photograph minors without consent.


Tipping Etiquette: While not mandatory, tipping is greatly appreciated and encouraged. It's a wonderful way to show your appreciation for the artist's hard work and dedication to making your event special. Tips are a significant part of an artist's income and are always received with gratitude. If you're pleased with the service and experience provided, consider leaving a tip to acknowledge the artist's effort and skill.

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